Why did Pizarro capture Atahuallpa?

In this section, the author illustrate how did steel swords, steel armor, guns and horses help Pizarro capture Atahuallpa.

From my perspective, steel swords and horses were the keys to the successful capture. As the author mentioned, Spaniards were able to make and use long and hard steel swords while Atahuallpa’s troop could only use stones, hand axes, wooden blocks. Swords that are used by Pizarro could help soldiers attacks opponents with a distance, so that they can hurt opponents badly and left certain distance to defend themselves. Horses were essential factors in the capture. Firstly, Pizarro’s soldiers could move freely with fast speed, which made them killed more Incas in a short time. Secondly, soldiers who ride on the horses caused horror among Incas. This was because Incas never saw this “combination” before and they regard Pizarro’s soldiers as God. When cavalries were in battle, Incas were too scared to react and protect themselves from the “God”‘s attacks. What’s more, Incas were not able to make up the gap between equipment and horses, which means they didn’t have alternative choices on weapons that can compete with steel swords and horses. That’s why Incas couldn’t win the rebellion even though they strengthened their military power after the capture.

Just like horses, Spaniard’s guns could cause terrors among Incas. When Spaniards fired the guns, the sound of the gun and its light made Incas think of thunder. Incas regarded the sound and light as supernatural power which increased their fears.

Besides swords, horses and guns, the metal armor is an important factor of success because armor can protect soldier from getting hurt. With largely decreased rate of injured and killed, Pizarro and his military were able to keep their fighting capacity.

However, what the author didn’t mention was the armless Incas and their belief of God. Incas gathered together on the square aimed to celebrate the power of God, which would help them drive out evils, the Pizarro’s military. They didn’t prepare for any potential attacks.