The Pillow Book (WKU Version)

If I could make my favorite moment stay forever, I shall preserve the sky over my university at 18:32. This is the most beautiful scene in this gentle spring.

The day is finished but the daylight is still maintained in the clouds. The night begins, however, the color mixed with grey and purple doesn’t slop over the skyline. This is the moment when two periods merge together, as well as two kinds of colors. The sky becomes a piece of sapphire, the most transparent one, the one reflects purest blue.

Shall I compare it with the loosened ribbon, the one you help her fasten on her soft hair. Shall I compare it with the drinking water, the one fills up his blue glass bottle.

It is glad to find yourself in your dorm. Please turn off the lights. Let us appreciate this soft blue. Its beauty covers the hand rail on the balcony. Oops! The color spills out and falls on my floor! No worries. The darkness will come to help you sweep them away. Also, it is of great pleasure if you would like to appreciate this beautiful scene with street lights. During rainy days, those lights will change their straight forward expressions. They become hazy halos which bond one after another.

Now, the sapphire lies on the white velvet that decorate with hazy halos quietly.

Now, I lean on the wall, sit on my quilt, stay in the darkness with silence.