Summary and Response

Donald Trump, an American presidential candidate that I heard a lot during this semester, whose ideology of violence does harm to American political correctness and democracy.

During his rallies, he argued that it is those protesters who advocate political correctness and democracy that are “undermining” America’s greatness. In order to “Make America Great Again”, Trump is provoking violence and aggressive American nationalism among his supporters. Meanwhile, he is the backbone of his supporters by paying for legal fees and adding his voice to those anti-protester events.

Facing such chaos, besides keep praying “God bless America” , I wonder why Trump can win such a huge support.

Trump’s supporters look like those crying children who discovered that “their” toys are taken away by other children, and they want “their” toys back. Jelious and furious exaggerate the conflicts between them. However, Trump’s appearance and his violet solution brings “hope” to those crying children.

But they don’t realize that those toys are for public and limited. If you want it, you have to earn it by your efforts, but the process might filled with hardships. What they find is that their difficulties are not emphesized enough. Resources distribution is not as equal as they wish, which makes their roads to achieve their goals become more difficult. Maybe they have to take years to realize their dreams but others only take few years. 

Lack of  public attentions and cares,Trump’s supporters feel lonely and helpless. Inequality triggered their anger. And these extreme emotions pave the way for Trump.