Experience of attending Students’ Summit

On April 8th to April 10th, I attended Sino-Foreign Universities Students’ Summit and I harvested a lot.

On April 8th, we arrived at Ningbo. The warm welcome from Nottingham students made me feel like home. Delegates from WKU, Nottingham Ningbo, XJ Livepoor, NYU and Kunshan Duke University enjoyed a table of delicious dinner together and attended “Run! Delegates!”. During the “Run! Delegates!” we became familiar with each other via games. Delegates were divided into several groups randomly, so we can establish friendship with delegates from other universities.

Since delegates from these universities are going to present their thoughts about two topics on April 9th, my partners and I, who are representatives from WKU Student Government, revised our presentation together. Our president wanted to push me out of my comport zone and made me the one who was going to present. At first, I was not confident enough to take this task. However, I reminded myself that “If there are two roads in front of me, choose the one that is hard to pass though.” Thus, I gathered my courage again.

It is a pity that I didn’t present the thoughts from WKU SG on April 9th because delegates agreed to change the presentation into discussions. However, I gathered many wonderful ideas. The most interesting thoughts are as follows:

Kunshan Duke University – I hope that when people mentioned KDU, they will think of the Kunshan city instead of KUU itself. (They aims at increasing the value of Kunshan community)

The Chinese University of Hongkong, Shenzhen – We have a black board called “Before I Die”. Students, faculties and staffs are free to write down their thoughts on the board with chalks. (This board can help them identify the most important thing in their life)

Besides, I found that outstanding oral English ability is so important. Without it, communication between six sino-foreign universities will become dialogues between two or three universities since other universities’ delegates are hard to follow and express opinions during the meeting. Without outstanding oral English ability, we will soon become listeners instead of communicators and participants.

I enjoyed this summit very much and I long to participate in the next summit. Delegates I met are creative and  thoughtful. Great pleasure to meet them and learn from them! The people I met and the ideas I wrote down are the best gifts that we six sino-foreign universities exchanged!



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