Wake Me Up at Midnight

During the Spring Festival, Wenzhou was bright with sunshine. I insisted that it was people’s happiness that swept away clouds and dusts. Believe it or not, I could even count the stars which hung on the sky above my city during mid nights. Since February 8th, the first day of Chinese New Year of Monkey, I fell into an odd circadian rhythm — I was asleep from 3 Am until 10 Am, awake and tired in the afternoon because of being a governess. When I finished my tasks at 5 pm, bright sunshine and cold wind, as well as hunger, accompanied me on my way home. It was easy for me to fall asleep after dinner. I thought I would sleep through the night but I didn’t.

On February 8th, fireworks waked me up at 23:03. Since I felt uncomfortable with the smell of fireworks, I closed my window and enjoyed the elegant manners of the smoke, which was floating in the air like a fairy in ancient Chinese myths. On the next day, the car horn was loud enough to drive my sweet dream away at 23:15. Since I left my curtains open before I sleep, I could see lights were turned on by residences in my neibourhood. One, two, three, six, eleven, twenty… This was the first time that I thought my living area was like a beauty who was just awaked. She waited for a moment until the car owner came downstairs to turn off the alarm. Then, she fell asleep again, little by little, while lights were turned off one by one. I was amazed by what I saw during the first two days and I wondered if these were presents sent by a secret power to delight me during the Spring Festival. I longed for appreciating more wonderful scenes during the rest of my holidays, so I always prayed towards sky that “please wake me up  at midnight 😌”. I waked up, however, I couldn’t find out scences that impressed me so deeply like what I met during the first two days of the new year. Sometimes I think life may not please me on purpose, but delights me inadvertently. Well, that’s fair. Life is expected to please so many people, especially during the spring festival. She is busy and I understand. 😉


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